Lovingkindness Challenge Day 4 – How to Drop Jealousy and Comparisons

Reflections on Lovingkindness Day 4 of 10: How to Drop Jealousy and Comparisons

We all do it! - Comparing and being secretly jealous of other people's success.

Perhaps you as a parent look at other parents and their kids through this lens as you tell yourself a story, how much better their situation is, look at how well that child is behaving, what's wrong with me and my parenting, what's wrong with my kid...

Here’s my takeaway from Sharon’s Day 4 Meditation: Drop Jealousy and Comparisons

Day 4 meditation was about sending loving-kindness to a successful friend. I thought of my very successful friend in her business, has a beautiful family, and lives in a magical place in Costa Rica.

My heart was genuinely filled with warmth and well wishes for her and her family, but there was also a whisper of why am I not there yet...

And there it was again! A sneaky thing called scarcity mindset!

Scarcity is so sneaky that most of us believe it is accurate. We believe that there is a finite amount of money, love, resources, affection, and time when in reality, we are surrounded by a field of possibilities where 100% is possible 100% of the time!

We create our reality based on the beliefs that we embody. The scarcity is only natural because WE are the ones living into it, not realizing it. Thus, we typically blame others, life, or the universe and collapse into a victim mentality, making us even more stuck in the swamp of "poor me."

This scarcity mindset is the culprit for feelings of jealousy and comparisons.

The antidote is a true joy for the other person's success, gratitude for what we have, and self-compassion.

So next time you feel like "I am not a good parent and so and so has it together," first send them lots of loving-kindness and then self-compassion towards yourself.

May You BE Safe, BE Healthy, BE Happy and Live with Ease,

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