Lovingkindness Challenge Day 1 – Self-Love

Reflections on Lovingkindness Day 1 of 10: Love Yourself

Why is it so hard to love ourselves? Why do we repeatedly go into the self-beat-up mode? We know that this does not serve us, yet we keep doing it anyway...

These questions baffle so many people, especially parents whose jobs are challenging and sometimes lonely. It is exhausting and not a way to live...

I KNOW that you want your child to grow up with self-love, acceptance, and joy in their being, but are you this way to yourself?

If not, how can you instill this into your child? After all, we can't give what we don't have...

This is why the workaround loving kindness towards self is especially important for parents. It is not only about you but what you can give to your child through loving yourself.

When we grow up, many negative beliefs develop based on how others treat us. The way we are treated becomes part of who we are and are cemented into our personality and belief system, but who are we? That story that was told to us or something more?

"The journey to discover that leads through these negative beliefs with full awareness, curiosity and most of all lovingkindness."

Here is my takeaway from Sharon’s Day 1 Meditation:

As I completed my lovingkindness meditation for myself, I realized how little I nurture myself and how much I push myself and put pressure to "get things done."

I experienced sadness in that realization and was able to give myself some grace and compassion. It was so good just to slow down and become aware of this, as it is through this awareness we can begin to change. Only by being aware do we have options from which to choose. Otherwise, we keep reacting and being unconsciously triggered.

Peace & Love,

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