Lovingkindness Challenge Day 10 – How to Grow a Compassionate Heart

Reflections on Lovingkindness Day 10 of 10: How to Grow a Compassionate Heart

Wow! What a fantastic journey! I can't believe it has already been 10 days since we started this journey to create more lovingkindness in your life and this world.

I do believe, however, that where one journey ends, another begins. The next leg of this journey is to make loving kindness part of your everyday life.

Here’s my takeaway from Sharon’s Day 10 Meditation:
Grow a Compassionate Heart

The last day of this 10-day challenge is a compassion meditation where Sharon guides us to truly accept our feelings so that we can accept and understand the feelings of others.

Compassion is recognizing and being with the pain and suffering of another being so that we can be there to witness the pain no matter what we are feeling and offer kindness and connection from our hearts. Self-Compassion is doing this with ourselves.

My takeaway from today's meditation is to truly develop a compassionate heart so that you can be there for yourself without judging and criticizing. This way, you can live a fulfilling life of freedom and love no matter what you feel.

Let's take a look at our journey and what we have learned:

Day 1- Love yourself.

Day 2 - Create gratitude towards your child and all the gifts s/he brings to your life.

Day 3 - Deeply connect with others, especially your child. Learn to see your child as who s/he is truly

Day 4 - How to drop jealousy and comparisons

Day 5 - Show compassion instead of fixing things.

Day 6 - Gain a peaceful heart through forgiveness.

Day 7- Stop judging and instead expand your love and acceptance.

Day 8 - Learn unconditional love.

Day 9 - Be the kindness! Create what you want through your ways of being

Day 10 - Grow a Compassionate Heart

I am so grateful that you have been part of this fantastic journey that is only a beginning...

If you want to deepen your journey so that you can become less triggered, more patient, present, and loving with your kids but do not know how I am here to help!

May You BE Safe, BE Healthy, BE Happy and Live with Ease,

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