Discover How To Parent From Overflow Instead Overwhelm 

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STOP the Overwhelm and Truly Enjoy BEing a Parent!

Learn how to shift from overwhelm to overflow so you can stop the yelling and and exhausting power struggles, and instead create a peaceful and joyful home environment!
8 transformative learning modules full of practices and worksheets that will support you in creating lasting  changes.  


Becoming a Peaceful Parent Summit

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If you are struggling with how to be patient, present and loving with your kids, the Becoming a Peaceful Parent Summit is for you!

This massively successful summit drew thousands of parents to follow invaluable interviews by world's leading parenting experts such as Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Laura Markham, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and many more..

Your purchase gives you lifetime access to over 17 hours of in-depth expert interviews that will Decrease stress from parenting, support you in stopping the vicious cycles of power struggles and being triggered so that you can have a an amazing connection with your child and feel fulfilled as a parent

Beyond Screen Time Summit

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If you are worried about how screen time is impacting your child’s development, I have answers and solutions for you!

Many parents didn’t realize that they don’t have to choose between being the  “strict parent”: By-the-book parent, well organized and on top of things, no fun, party pooper, control freak and any other authoritarian names our kids can throw at you...

AND being the "favorite parent": Indulging, the one who always says yes, easygoing, cool, modern and so many other favorable to eye of the beholder (your kids) qualities.