Freebies for You by Paula Kettula, LCSW


A Three-Part Mini-Course

This course will teach you about the underlying reasons of your recurring triggers. It also provides you with valuable information on child development that will help you better understand your child.

AVOID 5 Common Mistakes Couples With Kids Make AND Discover How To Not Let Your Kids Tear Your Marriage Apart...

My 3-part video series will REVEAL these MISTAKES so that you can be more AWARE, and give you some NEW TOOLS and FRESH PERSPECTIVES that gives you the opportunity to create an exceptional 10 out of 10 relationship with your partner!

Reflection on Lovingkindness

In this 10-day challenge, I will walk you through how to create Peace, Love, Joy & Compassion in your life.
This journey will teach you to overcome those limiting beliefs to make you able to parent without being triggered.


Free Coaching Call with Paula

I would like to offer you an opportunity to hop on a FREE "Vision in Action" Call and by the end of the call, you will have a clear action plan that will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be!

Pocket Parenting Audio Library

Sign-up for my weekly audio guide subscription that will empower you to shift out of not knowing and confusion by giving you innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to your most difficult parenting debacles so you can parent with ease, joy and confidence.