Transformational Parenting (we, our, or Transformational Parenting) who owns and operates this website ( may use cookies and other similar tracking technologies to support the performance and useability of this website.
Please read this policy to understand why Transformational Parenting may use cookies and other similar tracking technologies, including how you can control their use.

What are cookies, and what do they do?

Cookies are small files containing letters and numbers that a website places on a visitor’s device that can track and log information about the site visitor, such as their IP address, browser type, and browsing activity.
The information obtained by Cookies can be used to accomplish many important functions. For example, remember user preferences or count the number of website visitors.

What are the types of cookies used?

First-party cookies
These cookies are generated by the website visited and give the website operator the ability to collect data about a user’s website visit, allowing the website to remember the user’s preferences, including language, color, font size, or region settings.
Third-party cookies
These cookies are generated by the operators of third-party websites. These cookies are frequently used for advertising purposes.
Session cookies
These cookies are temporary and only valid when using the Transformational Parenting website. They will not remain on the user’s device following the ending of
the browser session.
Session cookies are often needed to support valuable website operations, such as delivering web pages in a timely and effective manner.

Persistent cookies
Persistent cookies will stay on the user’s device until removed or they reach their expiration date. Persistent cookies are regularly used to track a user’s movement around a website, identifying a user’s behaviors, and improve their website experience.

What sort of cookies may be used?

The Transformational Parenting website may use the following types of cookies:
• Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are essential for the correct
operation of the Transformational Parenting website. For example, they
include cookies that allow you to efficiently move from one page to another
and allow an easy return to previously visited pages. These cookies also help
Transformational Parenting confirm that you have accepted the use of cookies
and allow the testing of different designs on this website.
• Performance cookies. These cookies provide Transformational Parenting
with the ability to recognize and count the number of visitors to this website.
This information provides Transformational Parenting with valuable data to
help improve the performance of this website. Specifically, they allow
Transformational Parenting to appreciate the popularity of web pages on this website and help visitors effectively navigate around the site.
• Functional cookies. These cookies enable Transformational Parenting to
provide greater functionality and personalization of this website. For example, these cookies can help identify you when you revisit this website and personalize your experience by remembering your applied preferences.
• Advertising or marketing cookies. These cookies may be used by
Transformational Parenting to track your activity on this website, which may
include the web pages you visited, the interest you have shown in the website content, and the hyperlinks you clicked. Transformational Parenting may also use these cookies to personalize the advertising and content delivered to you and may share this information with third parties to provide specific ads.

Tracking technologies

Transformational Parenting may use similar tracking technologies to cookies on this website, such as tracking pixels and web beacons, to enhance your website experience.
A web beacon or tracking pixel is a piece of code positioned on a website or email to track users’ activities when they visit a website or send emails.

Linking to third-party websites

The Transformational Parenting website may include links for your convenience. If you click on a link, it will take you to a third-party website that may use cookies.
Please note that Transformational Parenting has no control over how third parties use or set their cookies. You should check every third-party website you visit to understand how they use cookies and how you can control their use.

How can you control cookies?

The majority of internet web browsers provide the functionality to control cookies.
Below are hyperlinks to the most commonly used browsers, where you can manage your cookie preferences.
• Microsoft Edge cookies information
• Internet Explorer cookies information
• Chrome cookies information
• Firefox cookies information
• Safari cookies information
• Opera cookies information
To learn more about disabling, deleting, and blocking cookies, please visit or
If you choose to block or disable the cookies used by Transformational Parenting, this may change the operation of this website and cause certain functions of this website to not perform as expected. Transformational Parenting recommends that you accept the cookies used on this website.

Policy changes

Changes to this policy may be made if there are changes to the cookies used for legal, regulatory, or other business reasons.
Please review this policy regularly to stay informed of any changes.

Further information

If you would like further information about the use of cookies or have any other questions, you can send an email to