There’s something on my mind... And It's FREE!!!

It also involves YOU. Yes! YOU who might be struggling as a parent, confused about your kids behaviors and what to do because none of it makes any sense whatsoever!

There's just so much chaos, stress and yelling going on that no wonder everyone is losing their minds!!  

Let me share why so many moms and dads struggle “with BEing a parent”

how my Pocket Parenting is the perfect support you need!

The reason you're on this page is
because you don't know what you don't know!

What on earth do you mean Paula?

The reason why so many parents, just like you, struggle with parenting is because the answers to the problems lie right outside of what you know!

We literally walk around trying to solve the problem with the same mindset, BS (Belief System), trauma history, and paradigm that was part of creating it in the first place!

As a consequence...

Nothing changes.... Chaos ensues... Conflict reigns... Yelling gets louder... Guilt gets heavier... The worry that your kids don't want to have anything to do with you when they grow up gets UNBEARABLE... 

Does this sum up your situation?... Maybe almost too often...?‍?

The (FREE!) solution is...

To explore what is outside of what you know!

My Pocket Parenting audio guide subscription will empower you to shift out of not knowing and confusion by giving you innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to your most difficult parenting debacles so you can parent with ease, joy and confidence.  

I will give you effective answers to your





How Will Pocket Parenting BENEFIT me? 

  • Find out how to respond instead of react so that you can feel confident and empowered
  • Learn the mindset tools and skills that will help you respond to your child in ways that support his or her development, and leaves you both feeling calm and connected
  • Figure out how to stop the cycle of anger, yelling and frustration, and learn to collaborate with your child so s/he actually listens
  • Discover how to end the screen-time, nap-time, and whatever-time battles once and for all so your home can be peaceful

Subscribe here. It's absolutely free!

Pocket Parenting Program is a super easy way to up-level your parenting when you feel like there’s no time and when finances are tight!

How Does It Work

  • Every week, you will receive an email from me containing a short audio parent coaching clip which becomes your focus for the week. You then use the rest of that week to practice, and get really good at that one thing.

  • If have chunked my most effective parenting advice into digestible pieces that do not leave you overwhelmed!
  • If you are too busy and don't have the tome to listen to the audio coaching right away, or you want easy and immediate access to all the Pocket Parenting episodes, you will have an option to upgrade to VIP status to get access to the Pocket Parenting Audio Library. In the library, you can access ALL the audio coaching clips that I have EVER made any time, anywhere...

And What's the COST? 

Nada! Zilch! Nothing!

Subscribe now for just $0!

It's perfect when you're always on the go. Just plug and play.