$97 Parenting Course For Stressed Out Parents


The Perks of Parenting From Overflow 

Your Children Will Listen & Cooperate  

When you are relaxed and in a state of overflow, the children are more likely to follow your rules, cooperate and listen to you which means you actually get the things done that you need to! This in turn creates more peace in your home, and time to enjoy each other versus engage in power struggles. You will also feel more confident as a parent because you are effective in what you are doing!

Being Relaxed & Present to Your Children 

Learning to let go of overwhelm will support you in being less stressed out. This has tremendous health benefits like better sleep and more energy AND you will be present to your children and family. By being present, creates more connection, harmony, playfulness and enjoyment in your family!

Stop Yelling, Being Angry, & Triggered 

Every parent feels lousy and guilty after they yell at their kids or get triggered. It doesn't feel good for anyone! When you are not in a survival mode and in stress response, you will be less angry which allows you to actually connect with your child and build a deeper relationship with them! We know that when children feel safe and have secure attachment with their parent, they are more regulated and  they thrive in their development! 

Proven Step-by-Step Video Video Course By a Parenting and Transformational Leadership Expert with 20+ Years of Experience Helping Kids and Families Shift From Surviving to Thriving.


Just Like the 100’s of Parents Paula Has Worked with to Shift Their Old Parenting Paradigm That SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK, You Too Can BEGIN TODAY to Change Your Mindset So That You Can STOP THE OVERWHELM and Truly Enjoy Being a Parent!


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Immediate Access to 8 Transformative Learning Modules With 5 Hours of Video and Audio Content 

Shift from overwhelm to overflow so you can stop the yelling and and exhausting power struggles, and instead create a peaceful and joyful home environment!
Homework, Practices, Tools and Worksheets

Helps you implement the abundance principles in your day to day life so that overflow can become a way of life!
Guided Meditations and Journaling Prompts 

Deepens your work and support your self-awareness so that lasting changes become possible!
FREE 1:1 Call with Me

Helps you launch forward after the course!


By extensively studying and practicing the mindset of abundance, I have discovered that, regardless of your circumstances, you can overcome overwhelm by stopping the thoughts and actions that create it, and shifting into new ways of thinking and being based on universal laws of abundance. 

In this self-study parenting course, you will learn how to master 5 powerful abundance principles that will help you shift the chaos, conflict and stress into calm, cooperation and connection.

MODULE 1: Perks of Parenting from Overflow
From hopelessness to hope
  1. Understand the prices parenting from overwhelm causes 
  2. Reset your parenting blueprint
  3. Benefits of parenting from overflow
  4. Introduction to the 5 Abundance Principles
MODULE 2: What Do You Really Want? 
From confusion to calm, clarity and possibility 
  1. Get clear on what you want to create in your family, and go for it
  2. Learn the power of living a vision drive life 
  3. Step by step guide how to create a family vision
MODULE 3: Answers to Stress Free Parenting Are Already Inside You!
Abundance Principle #1: You Already Are Abundant   
  1. Learn how to stop the exhausting external search by realizing that you already have the answers to stress free parenting
  2. Enjoy a beautiful guided meditation that helps you realize that you have a birthright to prosperity
  3. Discover that overwhelm is a mindset that you can actually learn to control and let go of
MODULE 4: What You Resists Persists!
Abundance Principle #2: Open to Receive 
  1. Stop the exhausting unnecessary resistance that leads to overwhelm
  2. Learn how to receive so you can be in the flow of abundance
  3. Learn mindset tools that support you in opening  up to receive
  4. Gain greater awareness of what you avoid, and get practices that  will help shift your scarcity paradigm into one of abundance
MODULE 5: Let Go of Your Junk!
Abundance Principle #3: Clearing & Letting Go 
  1. Discover how the “junk” you carry mentally, emotionally, physically and in your relationships holds you back from being the in the flow of abundance 
  2. Use the “Clear Your Junk Worksheet” to take action to release what no longer serves you
MODULE 6: Practice Radical Gratitude
Abundance Principle #4: From Scarcity to Radical Gratitude 
  1. Learn how to let go of expectations that lead to disappointments and resentment
  2. Shift from complaining, anger and blame to finding peace and acceptance in any life situation
  3. Get tools to start a gratitude journal, and learn how to institute a regular gratitude practice in your family 
MODULE 7: Harness the Power of Belief
Abundance Principle #5: Trust & Have Faith 
  1. Discover the power of negative systems that unconsciously drive your actions
  2. Learn how your worries actually create exactly what you don’t want, and what to do instead
  3. Learn how belief systems shape your biology and its implications to illness, health and wellbeing 
MODULE 8: Launch Yourself Forward
Set Yourself for Success
  1. Pulling it all together
  2. Review and celebration of your hard work
  3. Practice support how to make parenting from overflow a way of life rather than just a course you once took  

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about "From Overwhelm to Overflow Course"? Check out the list below, and please contact us if your question isn't answered here.

Will I have lifetime access to the course?

Yes! The course is evergreen which means you will have lifetime access to all the modules, video presentation and homework sheets. In fact, we recommend that you watch the course at least once a year and do the practices so you that you can continue to stay in a state of overflow.

How long are are the modules?

Modules vary anywhere from 15 min to 50 minutes. You can easily listen on the go from your mobile device and take a look at the slides later on as you will have access to the slides that are used in the video presentation.

Who do I contact for questions & support?

You can email Paula at paula@transformationalparent.com for any questions or if you need support with anything.

What if I purchase the course and I am not satisfied?

It is important that we give you the value that we promise! If you finish the entire course by watching all the modules, do the homework, and journaling, and you are not satisfied, you may set up a call with Paula to discuss a possibility for a refund. Refund is only available for those who clearly have completed the course as it is intended and have been committed to creating transformation.