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Lovingkindness Gathering

Are you feeling like “I am not good enough” or “I am a failure”?

If so, you are among many parents feeling this way… Parenting is hard! Much of the time it is also unrewarding as kids don’t listen, talk back and flat out disrespect.

Perhaps you already had these negative belief systems before you became a parent which were then compounded by the challenges of parenting.

The problem with limiting beliefs is that we keep reinforcing them which makes them stronger and unlikely to change.

Living with a set of limiting beliefs is like having colored eye glasses through which you view the world. Thus everything that happens to you is interpreted through this lens and counted as evidence which proves the limiting belief right.

It is not easy to change these belief systems but it is possible and I also believe necessary in order to live a fulfilling life. This work is especially important for parents to be able to parent without being triggered.

One way to begin shifting your old patterns is to expand your ways of being into unconditional love and lovingkindness.

If you want to open your heart and live life from a place of lovingkindness, so that you can become less triggered, more patient and present with your kids, join me for this special FREE event that will open your heart and mind to love and compassion.

In this event, you will be guided through a lovingkindness meditation, receive practical tools and strategies to increase your compassion and you have an opportunity to get individualized coaching and support.


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Lovingkindness Gathering


Nov 04 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am



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Paula Kettula

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