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Are Your Parenting Strategies Effective?

If your kids are not listening to you, and fiercely fight for everything you try to accomplish with them, it means what you are doing is not effective as it does not give you the results you desire.

The chances are that you may be feeling quite exhausted from constant power struggles and feel guilty after resorting to yelling, threats or bribery as a tactic to try to manage your kids. 

It’s a lose-lose scenario for everyone involved… 

The truth is that a) you are doing your best with what you know, and b) it’s not like becoming a parent comes with an instruction manual!

This is why I am offering FREE Pop-UP high performance coaching sessions so that you can finally become effective in your communication and interactions with your child resulting in more cooperation, harmony, joy and connection with less effort than you are putting in now. 

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Nov 22 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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