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How to Love & Be Responsible

Special Earth Day 2022 Message

This morning I woke up with the question “What does it mean to love the Earth?”

In honor of Earth Day 2022, I want to dive deeper into this question, and paint a picture of how you as a parent can build a better world through your children by stepping into the highest level of responsibility. 

How your mindset, the way you talk about the earth, the way you consume and the way you honor our planet earth gets passed onto the next generation.  

There was a time in my life when I would walk along the beach and I did not pick up a piece of trash that I saw…

There was a time when I bought makeup which I had no idea where it came from or how it was made or tested…

There was a time when I bought clothes ignorant about whether my clothes were made in factories that use child labor or are made by companies who are not conscious of the environmental impact… 

There was a time when I ate meat being unaware of the impact the meat industry has on the planet and completely blocking off how the animals are treated… 

Yet, when someone asked me if I loved our Planet Earth, I’d say “Of Course I do!”, yet my actions were the opposite of what it truly means to love the earth

In transformational leadership we have several levels of responsibility. The highest level of responsibility is where we choose to live a life of transformation, and which allows us to be empowered.

My mentor and trainer Michael Strasner beautifully defines this level of responsibility: 

“Master leaders choose responsibility as enlightened human beings who make conscious decisions to be aware and responsible for every facet of their lives, whether those decisions involve their personal lives or their lives as global citizens of the planet"
- Michael Strasner-

In this level of responsibility we are responsible for the past, present and future of our lives as well as the planet. It looks at things from the perspective that we are all connected and not separate from anything else. We even need to consider how our thinking, feeling, attitudes and beliefs are contributing to the great energy field of the world

For example, how can we claim that we are against war and for peace if we harbor thoughts or hatred and anger, and take action on these thoughts by disconnecting from people, saying mean things, being passive aggressive, manipulating or yelling at the kids!

Everything is energy! The way we are contributing to this energy IS what matters!

That is HOW I can even be responsible for the war in Ukraine! If I, in any form or shape, harbor ANY thoughts of anger, hatred, discrimination, inappropriate use of power, wish ill will to someone or spread divisiveness, I am indeed energetically contributing to the mindset of war. Therefore I AM responsible!

This transformational level of responsibility, however, does not mean any guilt, shame or blame. It transcends all that as obviously the war in Ukraine is not “my fault” nor did I personally cause the trash problem on this planet but if I don’t pick up that piece of trash on my walk, I AM RESPONSIBLE, and I am contributing to the problem vs being part of the solution.

Also, if I say I love animals yet I eat their meat when they live in horrid conditions that are unnatural for them, or use make up that has been tested on animals, I am truly cheating myself by living a life of self-deception and ignorance.

If I care more about my fashion and how I look more than I care about the children who are forced to work in factories that make my clothes, then how can I say I love children and would do anything for their wellbeing?

My invitation for you on this Earth Day of 2022 is to step out of ignorance and pretending, and step into responsibility and unconditional love for our beloved planet earth!

I am making a call to action to increase your awareness of what you consume, and how you treat the planet that provides for you and sustains your life.

I am urging you to start somewhere and actually align your actions with your values as it is not good for your soul to continue to live a life of self-betrayal! When we are in self-betrayal, we also betray others and most of all our beloved Mother Earth that gave us the life we have… 

And… you get to be gentle with yourself too and be mindful of not dwelling in regret or guilt. That will not serve anyone nor can you create change from that place…. It doesn’t have to look or be perfect! 

What matters is what you do in this present moment! 

You can start right now and start wherever you want with whatever action you feel is doable for you! Everything counts! Even if it is just starting with shifting your mindset and increasing your awareness - GREAT!   

You can check the Earth Day official site for some ideas and tools on what action you can take right now! 

Also, please check this special message and call to action from an amazing young leader, Jessica Gresham, who chose to take action and share this Earth Day message with you

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