How to Learn to Value and Appreciate Yourself

Lynne Twist, a global visionary who takes a stand for eradicating poverty, bringing social justice where it is needed and conscious consumerism has a famous saying that I really love:

“What you appreciate appreciates”

My invitation in this blog is to start intentionally appreciating yourself!

We live in a world where mothers are not valued which is why it is so hard to find one’s own value yet it is absolutely vital not only for your wellbeing but that of everyone around you.

I know that the kids are not the first ones in line to acknowledge you, nor is probably your partner who might have his head down in his own issues…

Friends and family can also sometimes be awfully judgmental and resort to giving advise and being critical vs actually offering space for you to just be and vent or offer positive feedback.

What you choose to appreciate is utterly and completely up to you, so why not start with yourself?

? Why not start acknowledging yourself for all the big and small things you do for your children and family?

? Perhaps you have sacrificed your vision and dreams to be a mom…

? Perhaps you have let go of your hobbies and interests so you can be there for your kids…

? Could you acknowledge yourself for all the time you spent in reading about parenting, learning and growing?

How to Learn to Value and Appreciate Yourself Image

Start noticing all the things that you do, and the way you are that bring tremendous value to your children and people around you.

You are literally “constructing” a human being like Dr. Montessori said. Your job is the most important job in this world, so please see your own importance in that!

Every hung… every loving gaze… every soothing word… every kind gesture… every “I love you” matters!

The more you open your eyes to the things that you do that bring value to people around you, and the more you appreciate yourself, the more you will feel appreciated!

As you value and appreciate yourself, this opens up your child to do the same towards herself as you are her reflection! You are whom she looks up to. As she looks into your eyes, she sees a reflection of herself. Let that reflection be full of love and appreciation that is simultaneously glowing and radiating!

With Light & Love, 


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