Episode #2: Grounding Yourself in Ground-Rules   

The next important thing on your journey of transformation is STOP THE DAMAGE!!!!

If you keep going the way things are, more hurt and resentment will be built as a result there is more damage to the relationship and the whole keeps getting deeper...

Don't go there! Please ? 

Here is another way instead ?  

  • Create, align and commit to ground rules and then FOLLOW THEM like your life depended on it!   

Episode #2: Homework

1. Set up a meeting with your partner and create your ground rules. Go through a process of making sure each of you are aligned with the rules. This is a win-in or no deal situation so don't compromise or short-sell yourself or each other. 

2. Discuss what becomes possible when both of you follow the ground rules. What will change? How does this benefit everyone? How will your relationship and life experience shift as a result? Keep going and make it very real and specific! 

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