Episode #1: Hit The Reset Button & Clear The Past

If someone ever told you that there are no redo's in life, they were lying!

You get to have a redo and a second chance on love, connection, intimacy and support.

Before doing anything though, you get to reset everything by clearing the air. This does not mean to re-hash things and keep doing the exhausting loooong conversations that do not lead anywhere.

Instead you will learn 

  • Radical honesty
  • Generous listening without judging or interrupting
  • How to connect through mirroring 
  • How to hold the bucket for each other
  • Forgiveness and compassion      

Episode #1: Homework

1. Practice doing the mirroring exercise and discuss how your experience was. How did it felt? What did you learn?

2. Take turns holding the bucket for each other and discuss your experience. How did you feel afterwards?

3. Make a commitment to regularly practice mirroring and holding the bucket.  

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