Vision in Action Calls

Episode #1: Awareness & Being Responsible

Lesson 1

Step one of managing your triggers is raising your awareness of your thoughts, emotions and physiological states.

Without this awareness, you will continue the vicious cycle of stimulus-response without having a choice to select an effective response to the situation.

By becoming aware of your own internal states, you also gain your power back as you stop blaming your child and start taking responsibility for being triggered which essentially means that you are in a stress response yourself. 

You cannot effectively manage your stress response by trying to control your child as oftentimes your child is just expressing something that is developmentally appropriate.

Episode 1: Homework

1. Write down your top 10 triggers which are situations that activate your stress response (being triggered)
2. For each situation, write down 
  • What do you feel in your body when this happens
  • What kind of thoughts you are having
  • What do you tell yourself (limiting beliefs) about yourself 
  • What emotions are you experiencing

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