Transformational Coaching
with Paula

  • Take Action!          
  • Feel Empowered!
  • Create the Life You Want!
  • Be the Person You Desire!

Transformational Parent, Family & Individual Coaching

My transformational coaching process is a proven systematic method that empowers you to get out of being stuck in stress, overwhelm, frustration, anger or being triggered.

It provides a you a clear blueprint and guidance on how stop repeatedly doing what doesn't work, creates effective solutions and gives you an opportunity to live your life from vision and possibility versus your unconscious pre-programmed limiting beliefs that unbeknownst to you drive your life.

Before starting coaching with me, many people doubted "Is this for me?" or "Will it work?"  Frequently, people also feel like "There's too much stuff to work through", "It is hard" and "I don't even know where to get started?"

I totally get it! We are programmed to be cautious and not to take risks! Also, feeling overwhelmed blinds us to choices and possibilities that are right in front of us.  Even our brains, by default, think in negative ways!

The problem is that by not taking action, you will continue to feel powerless, have an unfulfilling life experience and feel like every day is just about trying to survive it. 

The longer you wait, the worse things will get and the harder it is to change...

"Taking action will empower you to create a life you ave always envisioned, and BE the person you desire to be!"

I know how scary it is to jump into something new and unknown, yet this is a necessary step if you want to grow and find the solutions which lie right outside of what you know...

Research about how the mind works tells us that we can be blind to the obvious AND we are blind to our own blindness! 

My Transformational coaching gives your the opportunity to 

  • Become aware of what drives your behavior so that you will be able to make conscious choices and be liberated from your limiting beliefs
  • Stop repeating what doesn't work, and find the solutions that create massive positive impact in your life 

The people who are successful in my coaching have adopted the mindset of "if it is to be it is up to me" and they have realized that only by courageously taking urgent action, are they able to shift from surviving life to thriving in life! If they can do it so can you!

How Does It Work?

In my transformational coaching, I use a simple yet powerful step-by-step process where we get clear on

  1. 1
    What is not working in your life right now?
  2. 2
    What is your vision? How does life worth living look like?
  3. 3
    What is holding you back from living your best life right now? What are you doing or not doing that is preventing you from living the life you want, AND what do you need to let go of to make it happen?

Tired of Googling for the right answers, reading books and taking courses that do you work? Save your time! I can show and teach you effective solutions so that you have the opportunity to live the life that you want!

Here's What You'll Get!

Powerful 60-minute individual coaching calls with me during which we stay focused on identifying what's holding you back and what will move you forward. 

We create a powerful vision that will become the cornerstone of how you live your life. You never have to feel confused or lost when you have a vision and you commit to it! 

I offer you Accountability so you can stay committed to your vision no matter what! As you know, being left to our own devices, we are less likely to follow through and take a longer time to get where we want to go!

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