Become a Confident, Inspiring, and Empowering Leader to Your Family!

Transformational Parenting Program supports parents in becoming confident, inspiring, and empowering leaders in their family so they can develop exceptional relationship with their children, live a vision drive life and be able to meet their children’s needs without being triggered, stressed or overwhelmed resulting in a peaceful, joyful and loving family environment.

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Benefits of the Transformational Parenting Program

Get Unstuck

Helps you get clear on what kind of life you want for yourself and for your family. Provides step-by-step guidance on how to implement the changes that are required so you can have a fulfilling life experience as a parent.

Take Action

Provides you the support, information, tools and resources to finally take action towards positive changes that will help you get out of the vicious cycle of being triggered and repeatedly doing what does not work by offering you transformational leadership, mindset and self-growth tools.

Feel Empowered

Instead of feeling powerless and controlled by your kids, you will have the opportunity to become an empowered parent who inherently knows how to handle any challenging parenting situation. You will also be able to become a conscious parent who is able to choose an effective response vs. being reactive. 

Feel Close to Your Child

You will be able to create a close emotional bond with your child by gaining insight into your child’s heart and mind, and by acquiring powerful communication tools that will help you nurture a positive attachment which is one of most important factors for a child to grow up to be a healthy, happy adult. 

The 4 Pillars of Transformational Parenting

Live a Vision Driven Life

Learn how to create a life worth living

Learn more 

• Identify your values, principles and important ways of being that will be used to create a powerful vision from which you and your family operate from
 Learn how to stand in the future as if is already here versus recycling the past over and over again
• Shift out of the scarcity mindset and the survival mode (The Drift) that the rest of the world operates from. Instead learn to parent from abundance.
 Create a 
vision board and a vision statement

Engage in Committed Action

• Master being a pro-parent

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• Vision is only a fantasy without committed action
• Learn how to become a PRO PARENT by commitment to vision vs operating from the past, your feeling states or psychological assessment
• Create specific 30/60/90 day plan with goals and objectives
• Learn how to:
  - Shift your feeling states fast
  - Make powerful declarations that move your life forward
  - Be proactive and solution focused
  - Manage your time effectively

Assume Responsibility

• Shift out of anger, blame, criticism and guilt into empowerment
• Stop being triggered by transforming old ineffective patterns into new ways of being and responding

Learn more 

 Take ownership of your life by realizing that you are the sole uncontested author of your life
• Understand the distinction of Power vs Force
• Discover how to not let life circumstances or other people come in the way of creating the life you want to live
• Learn about the 4 Levels of Responsibility and how to operate at the highest level so you can feel empowered and be empowering
• Learn how to let go of anger, resentment, blame, guilt, comparisons, expectations and judgement
 Create your own contract of who you want to be and how you want to show up for your children
• Stop being triggered by understanding your unconscious limiting beliefs that run your life 

Develop Exceptional Relationships

• Learn how to create 10 out of 10 relationships with people you love

Learn more 

• Learn how to create a healthy emotional bank account
• Learn to create win-wins and synergistic cooperation
• Empower your family to become like a championship team
• Teach children stewardship instead nag about chores
• Learn generous listening and how to understand before being understood
• Discover the power of feedback
• Learn different communication styles and how to speak to your child so they understand and listen to you
• Practice assertive communication
• Learn how to keep relationships healthy by clearing

Inside This Program You Will Get

Two 45-Minute Individual Sessions per month for individualized support (Regular Value $500)

Vision in Action Group Call once a week to learn leadership principles, receive ongoing support and a place to asks questions (Regular Value $497)

Ongoing LIVE support via a group chat where you get your most challenging parenting questions answered and receive powerful mindset tools plus fresh perspectives on parenting (Regular Value $350)

Access to the Transformational Parenting Academy and receive a wealth of information, resources, webinars and all my expert interview series (Regular Value $149)

When Steven and I signed up for the Transformational Parenting Program, we had no idea the positive impact and transformation it would have in our parenting, our relationships, and intra-personal relationship with ourselves.
-Matt & Tracy-

Paula Kettula, LCSW

Hi! I am Paula, a Transformational Life Coach passionately guiding parents like you to become the best version of yourself!

Do you feel disconnected from kids or your family?

Are you afraid you might go through life not fulfilling the parent role you are expected to do?

Do you want to feel love and find your purpose in your family? 

I can help you achieve that.

Client Testimonials

Paula’s parenting transformation program has literally changed my life

"Being in Paula’s parenting transformation program has literally changed my life. Paula helped me realize who I really am as a mum and person in general!

Her calm manners, her willingness to always listen without judging helped me go from feeling as a ‘ failure mum’ to ‘ I was born to do this’ mum! For me that was a huge step!

It wasn’t an easy journey to take, it took a lot of hard work and self healing but with Paula’s commitment and guidance, I started to believe in myself and enjoy motherhood and all the challenges! Paula helped me realize that it’s ok not to be perfect, it’s ok to just be you! Mostly, you are the best parent your children can ask for! Paula I can’t thank you enough! I am forever grateful ! "


Now we are a family who has fun and loves to be together

"It was so supportive to know my struggles were not unique to me.

When I started this journey, I hated being a mom and cried most days. I felt hopeless that things would change.

Now it is almost surreal to look a my vision statement and it is a mirror rather than a window. It has taken hard work and a willingness to change.

But now we are a family who has fun and loves to be together. Thank you Paula for restoring joy and my family, for giving me hope and a compass to find my way to my vision."


We are so grateful for this program and experience!!!

"When Matt and I signed up for the Transformational Parenting Program, we had no idea the positive impact and transformation it would have in our parenting, our relationships, and intra-personal relationship with ourselves.

Looking back, we gave ourselves a priceless and timeless gift that will continue to grow in loving and abundant ways!

We are so grateful for this program and experience!!! It has changed our trajectory of this life experience forever!!!"

Matt & tracy

Yes! I Am Interested In How To Shift My Parenting Model From Just Surviving To Thriving and Become a Confident, Inspiring, and Empowering Leader to My Family!

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