Transformational Parenting - Discover How To Parent From Overflow Instead Overwhelm


Transformational Parenting by Paula Kettula LCSW
Transformational Parenting by Paula Kettula LCSW


  • Module 1: Perks of Parenting From Overflow
  • Module 2: What Do You Really want?
  • Module 3: Answers to Stress-Free Parenting Are Already Inside You!
  • Module 4: What You Resist Persists!
  • Module 5: Let Go Of Your Junk!
  • Module 6: Practice Radical Gratitude
  • Module 7: Harness the Power of belief
  • Module 8: Launch yourself forward

For only $27, you'll get:

  • Full access to 8 video recordings which will help you parent your child and create a home overflowing with joy and positive environment.
  • Learn about principles that will shift chaotic situations into peaceful connections with your children
  • Practical information that will transform how you parent children during this very diverse season.

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