Join me for an interactive workshop where we will explore how abundance of time, love, energy, and compassion is possible in your life!

Parenting From Abundance Workshop

Saturday June 19, 2021

 11am - 1 pm PT / 2pm - 4pm ET

This is for you if...

  • You are exhausted and stress has a negative impact your relationships 
  • You are easily triggered because you are running on empty
  •  You are struggling to muster up the energy just to survive and get through the day
  •  You are experiencing health problems, poor sleep or weight gain/loss as a result of stress
  •    Stress is taking away your joy, vitality, connection and ability to be present  

This Workshop Gives You the Opportunity to...

  •  Realize that you already are abundant! You have all the answers to stress-free parenting!

  •  Learn how to be open to receive and stop the unnecessary resistance which is exhausting and leads to overwhelm

  • Learn how clearing & letting go will help you release stress and support you in being in the flow of abundance
  • Shift from scarcity to radical gratitude which supports you in finding peace and acceptance in any life situation 
  • Strengthen your trust by realizing that the universe has your back and that you don’t have to control everything

"Abundance is your birth-right so claim it! We get to stop doing what we are doing and start being who we were born to be: abundant, loving, compassionate and generous!"

Shift Parenting from Stress to Parenting from Abundance!

Powerful Information

Mindset Tools


There are a lot of great tools out there to support you, but none that combine the work of personal leadership, transformation and parenting the way we do here at The Transformational Parent! I invite you to join us for this workshop — you will NOT be disappointed!

For only $79, you will get:

  • Interactive LIVE 2-hour experience that will support you in transforming stress and overwhelm  into abundance,  joy, gratitude so that you can be fully present to yourself, your children and people you love. 
  • 5 simple and concrete tools you can continue practicing at home that offer you the opportunity to learn to BE unconditionally happy and feeling fulfilled as who you are regardless how things are. 
  • Powerful information that gives you a new paradigm of thriving in life rather than just surviving. 

Why Wait?

Mark Your Calendar

The Parenting From Abundance Workshop is live on Saturday, June 19th from 11am-1pm PST,  so mark your calendar and click below to reserve your seat! 

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