What is life worth living?

What is life without a vision?

What is life without believing in possibilities

that lie beyond what we know?

Life in this survival mode lacks joy, love, vitality, connection and being present - Ingredients needed to raise happy, healthy kids and having a fulfilling parenting experience.

I BELIEVE that regardless of your circumstances, you can learn to live stress-free life, and shift from overwhelm and scarcity to experiencing abundance of love, joy and connection!

This workshop is for you if you want to

Learn how to overcome overwhelm so you can show up as your authentic, loving and generous self

Be empowered instead easily triggered

Turn chaos and conflict into peace and cooperation

Stress less so you can experience joy, vitality, and connection

At the end of this workshop you will..

Realize that abundance & love are already inside you! You have all the answers to stress-free parenting!

Be open to receive because you stop the unnecessary resistance

Know how to set boundaries, let go and ask for support

Be confident in handling overwhelm

Shift from scarcity to radical gratitude and compassion which supports you in finding peace and acceptance in any life situation

As a result your family will experience...

  • Peace, happiness and belonging
  • Connection & cooperation
  • Supporting each other and playing on the same team
  • Love & safety

"Abundance is your birth-right so claim it! We get to stop doing what we are doing and start being who we were born to be: abundant, loving, compassionate and generous!"

Shift From Surviving as a Parent to Thriving as a Family!

Powerful Information

Mindset Tools


Life Is Now

Each moment we live in this scarcity way of being, the most precious thing passes us by, which is the present moment and in reality the only moment that truly exists..

For only $49, you will get:

  • Interactive LIVE 2 1/2-hour experience that will support you in transforming chaos, conflict and scarcity into abundance of love, connection and joy so that you can be fully present to yourself, your children and people you love. 
  • Simple and concrete tools you can continue practicing at home that offer you the opportunity to learn to BE unconditionally happy and feeling fulfilled as who you are regardless how things are. 
  • Powerful information that gives you a new paradigm of thriving in life rather than just surviving.

Mark Your Calendar

Manifest Prosperity and Abundance in Your Family for 2022 workshop is LIVE on Monday December 27, 2021 from 10am-12:30pm PT, so click below to reserve your seat and mark your calendar!

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