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The Vision in Action Program offers you the opportunity to be transformed from a triggered, overwhelmed, and stressed-out parent with a disconnected relationship with your child into a confident, inspiring, and empowered parent.

This group coaching program will change your parenting blueprint so that you can build a close emotional bond with your child resulting in a fulfilling parenting experience and a peaceful, joyful, and loving family environment.

This program is for you if:

  • You feel exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed out
  • Your family life feels out-of control and chaotic
  • You are feeling stuck, hopeless and confused

  • Are easily triggered, angry, resentful & guilty
  • Are feeling disconnected, lonely and hurt

That’s not a way to LIVE life! That is just trying to survive it, which is why I want to show you a better way!

I know that it may be hard to believe that anything can change from the chaos, yelling and arguing, disrespect, lack of routine and power struggles…

I get it! I have worked with many parents struggling with the same things who also thought that nothing would change but it cost them feeling stuck and hopeless, sleepless nights, anxiety, worry, guilt, and sadness.

I am here to tell you that transformation from surviving to thriving is possible, and that I have a time tested and proven method to get you there! If you are open and willing of course!


Support & Answers

Get support and answers to the “How?”, so you can get take action and get unstuck from a pattern that does not work

Peace & Harmony at Home

Create peaceful and harmonious home environment so you can actually relax, have time for yourself and enjoy each other’s company

Not to be Triggered

Learn how to not be triggered so you can respond calmly to your child and feel good about being a parent

Healthy & Exceptional Relationships

Create healthy and exceptional relationships with your children and family so you can experience a sense of love, safety and belonging

Time is now

for new beginnings!

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Regular Price: $ 379 monthly

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Weekly Group Coaching Call (Regular Value $249)

The weekly call provides you with all the information, tools and support to change the old patterns that do not work in your parenting methods so you can get out of that painful cycle of being stuck.

Group Chat Support (Regular Value $350)

VIP chat access with me. Receive quick responses and effective solutions to the most challenging parenting questions throughout the week.

Access to the Transformational Parenting Academy (Regular Value $149)

This academy is a hub of plentiful resources and valuable information about relevant topics that support you in becoming the kind of parent you have always desired.

Lifetime Access to the Becoming a Peaceful Parent Series (Regular Value $97)

Get exclusive access to revolutionary parenting practices from 35 world renowned parenting experts such as Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Laura Markham and others.

Lifetime Access to the Beyond Screen Time Expert Interview Series (Regular Value $67)

Get exclusive access to strategies from the world's most influential screen time experts on how to end the screen time battles and turn them into opportunities for joy and connection.

Your Special Bonuses


60 Min. Individual Deep Dive Call ($250 value)

Get clear what is not working, what do you want for your family and what is in the way of creating this.


Audio Coaching ($27 value)

Pocket Parenting is my unique audio coaching program that will give you fresh perspectives on parenting so that you can feel more empowered, confident and influential as a parent by literally having transformative mindset tools in your pocket!

Total Value is $1189

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Life is NOW and your transformation as a parent can begin TODAY

can begin TODAY!

Be Confident & Empowered

Imagine what it would like to become a confident and empowered parent who knows what to do in any given situation?

Be Calm & Patient

Imagine how nice it would feel to be calm and patient with your child instead of yelling or getting into power struggles?

Have Deep & Fulfilling Connection

What if you could have a deeply connected and fulfilling relationship with your child?

$247 (mo.)

Offer ends at 11:59pm PT on Wednesday November 24, 2021. This is subscription plan charged monthly. Can be canceled at any time.

This is YOUR moment - It is TIME to take action!


"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful ideas! I put a couple into practice yesterday, and this morning I got a hug and a kiss from my son when he got up!!!! It was wonderful!!"

"Thank you, Paula. You were so kind, insightful and generous with your gifts and time!! I really learned some new great skills for everyday life"

"Your work has helped me so much to change my perspective! The day went so much better than I expected!! Just wanted to say thank you!! Your work is very helpful!!!

"Your work has been a North Star during this stressful time."