AVOID 5 Common Mistakes Couples With Kids Make AND Discover How To Not Let Your Kids Tear Your Marriage Apart...

Learn to Live Every Day Like It’s Your Honeymoon!

If you and your partner are struggling with lack of love and intimacy, feeling disconnected from each other and exhausted arguing about the past or who’s right, you’re most likely making some common mistakes unhappy couples keep repeating. My 3-part video series will REVEAL these MISTAKES so that you can be more AWARE, and give you some NEW TOOLS and FRESH PERSPECTIVES that gives you the opportunity to create an exceptional 10 out of 10 relationship with your partner!




About Your Speaker

Paula Kettula

Paula Kettula is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working with children and families for over 20 years. Paula holds a master's degree in social work from San Diego State University. She also has a diploma in Montessori education from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). In addition, Paula is a certified yoga teacher (RYT-200) and is trained in EMDR, Sandplay Therapy, Play Therapy and Transformational Leadership.

Paula is the creator and the host of a massively successful online parenting summit called “Becoming a Peaceful Parent” that was attended by 35 world renown parenting experts including Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Laura Markham, Debbie Reber and many others.

She has also hosted live “Beyond Screen Time” events that give parents the top strategies to end screen time battles by leading screen time experts such as Dr. Kardaras, Dr. Victoria Dunckley, and Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair.

In her role as a psychotherapist and a transformational parent coach, Paula works closely with parents to help them connect with the heart and soul of their children by using a love-centered leadership framework that helps families move from surviving to thriving one step at a time.

Paula’s vision is to support parents in becoming empowering, influential, loving and inspirational leaders in their family in order to create a deeply connected relationship with their children, meet their children’s needs without being triggered, stressed or overwhelmed resulting in a peaceful, joyful and loving family environment.

Paula also believes that when parents have strong and loving relationships with each other, and when they are on the same page about parenting, children have an opportunity to experience safety and healthy boundaries that will support their overall development.

Parents having an intimate, loving and supportive relationship is not only possible but vital for the wellbeing of the entire family. Parents do not need to sacrifice their happiness for the sake of the children!

Paula brings her two decades of experience as a couples counselor, child & family therapist and a trauma expert into her work with individuals, couples and children so that they have an opportunity to become the person they were born to be and experience a life worth living. 

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