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Vision in Action Calls

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About this course

Vision in Action Group Coaching Calls provides the opportunity to transform you from a triggered, overwhelmed and stressed out parent with a disconnected relationship with your child into a confident, inspiring and empowered parent who has a close emotional bond with your child resulting in a peaceful, joyful and loving family environment.

In this program, I use my Transformational Parenting Framework to help you acquire the necessary mindset tools to get unstuck from the old ineffective patterns, and guide you through a step by step personal growth process so that you have the opportunity to become a leader who will inspire change in your family.

In addition, you will get cutting edge information about child development, AND practical parenting strategies that will help you meet your child’s needs with ease so that you child has the  potential to thrive, and grow up to be a happy, healthy and  successful adult.

How to get the best out of your learning experience: 

The academy is updated weekly with new calls as they happen, however you will get the best out of these calls by attending them in person. The recordings are here for you in case you miss a week, or would like to review some of the concepts. When you are changing your parenting paradigm, the key is repetition and fully understanding the key distinctions of Transformational Parenting which become your new frame of reference. 

Course Structure

4 Lessons

January 2021

How to Evaluate Your Results

2020 12 28 VIA call How to Evaluate Your Results

A step by step plan as well as powerful mindset tools about how to evaluate your results so you can stay on track with your growth as a parent and create the kind of parenting experience you desire. 

Discovering Your Why

2021 01 08  VIA - Discovering Your Why

In this call we dive deeper into why it is important to start with your  "Big Why" which is the reason why you do things in life. You why is your vision and is what fuels your actions and gives meaning to your life. 

Committed Action Plan

2021 01 15  VIA - Committed Action Plan

Committed Action is what bridges your vision with results. Without it, your vision is merely a nice dream or fantasy that remains in your mind versus actually living it. In this call we talk about the importance of committed  action and how to stay focused on aligning your actions with your vision. 

30-60-90 Day Plans

2021 01 22 VIA - 30-60-90 Day Plans

In this VIA, we go over the details of how to create a a concrete 90-day action plan which will help you move forward to  your vision. 

3 Lessons

February 2021

We are From the Future

2021 02 26 VIA - We are From the Future

In this call we discuss the hidden patterns in chaos and attractor fields that helps us understand the  power of our intention and ways of being, and how to create the present moment from the future

Teaching Responsibility to Children Through Stewardship

2021 02 19 VIA - Teaching Responsibility to Children Through Stewardship

In this call you will discover a whole new way to teach children responsibility and inspire them to do chores. 

Principles of Transformational Leadership

2021 02 12 VIA - Principles of Transformational Leadership

In this VIA we discuss the basic principles of transformational leadership and why leadership is important in parenting.  

4 Lessons

March 2021

Distinction of Generosity

2021 03 05 Distinction of generosity

In this Vision in Action call, we discuss the distinction of generosity and why it is important to focus on creating generosity in your family as well as what are the negative consequences when we don’t. 

Getting Out of The Box

2021 03 12 VIA call Getting Out of The Box

By the time we are 7/8 years old we become confined in a self-limiting box that consists of all our fears and limiting beliefs. Negative stories that have been told to us about ourselves are internalized as a child and become our reality. We begin to look at ourselves through the lens of these negative beliefs and start to filter life events through this distorted lens. All this results in us holding back out gifts and connecting with life and those around us in a deep, meaningful, loving and compassionate ways. In this Vision in Action Call, we explore the power of the box and how to bust out of it.

How to operate from vision and committed action versus analysis and assessment

2021 03 19 VIA call How to operate from vision and committed action versus analysis and assessment

In this Vision in Action call we discussed the reason and purpose of your personal contract/mantra in detail as well as discovered how powerful it is in
  1. Overcoming fears
  2. Helping you shift feeling states
  3. Interrupting ineffective patterns
  4. Supporting you in having  the power and confidence to go after your vision 
  5. Freeing you from your past
  6. Helping you realize and live into what is possible
I also shared important distinctions that will help you operate from your vision and committed action versus analysis and assessment.

Radical Honesty

Most people  live in a story. We live in a world full of past episodes that we use to predict the future. We believe our thoughts, emotions and our limiting beliefs to be who we are. We believe the storyline that we have devised about ourselves, the world and other people. We no longer live from a place of authenticity and honesty as in attempts to cover up the story, we lose our authenticity. In today’s call we discuss the distinction of radical honesty and the prices we pay when we do not live from this place and what opens up when we do.

4 Lessons

April 2021

Importance of Tracking Results

2021-04-02 VIA - Importance of Tracking Results

There is an important principle that goes “what we track grows!” This is why it is important to be present to the results you have declared and whether you achieved them. In this call we check-in about wins, celebrate a graduation as well as get familiar with the concept of Sawubona which is a Zulu greeting that means “I see you”.  In this call I invite the parents to see what opens up for then and their relationship with children if they truly “saw” their children through the lens described in the video we watched about Sawubona. You can access the video here:

Emotional Needs of Children

2021-04-09 VIA call Emotional Needs of Children

In this call we review some of the basic emotional needs of children. In my experience as a psychotherapist, majority of the behavioral challenges in children result from their emotional needs not being appropriately  met. Parents may actually inadvertently contribute to the problem by for example trying to control a bossy child more who is actually just expressing their developmental need for control. It is important to know about what the emotional needs are so that you can provide your child the right environment to meet their needs.

Effective Communication and Personality Styles

If you want to be effective as a parent you need to be able to communicate your message clearly so that your child can really connect and understand you. It is not effective if we keep communicating one way to everyone as people are different in the way they view the world and process information.  It is important that as leaders you
  1. Become aware of your own style of communicating so you can identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Learn to read and understand other people’s communication styles (especially your children) so you can really “land” your message and ultimately get the results you want
  3. Learn to “style-flex” which means that YOU adjust your communication style depending on who you are speaking to
In this VIA call, I give an overview of 4 Personality Styles as presented by my coach Michael Strasner.

Personality styles and style flexing continued

In this call we continue to dive deeper into the personality and communication styles and how being aware of your own style and your child’s, will result in a more effective communication.

3 Lessons

May 2021

Personality Styles (continued)

In this VIA we keep diving deeper into the different personality styles so you can become an effective communicator and listener.

What to do when your child is not generous

Today we discussed many parenting challenges but mainly focused on how to respond to a child who is not generous with sharing, wants to hog all the toys and is mean to siblings.

Shifting The Paradigm That Holds You Back

Michael Strasner coined the term “Drift” to explain the collective mindset of mediocrity and limiting beliefs that hold us back in life and prevent us from experiencing authentic relationships and happiness. In this VIA Call, I dive deeper into defining the drift, how to become aware of it and how to shift your paradigm from the survival mode to thriving.
Please also read the PDF provided in this module and reflect on the following questions:
  • What are your limiting fears, patterns, judgments and insecurities in relationships?  
  • Look around your life, and begin to see the drift. How does the drift manifest in your life?
  • How do you contribute to it and reinforce it?
  • How is the drift expressed in your culture,  in your family and in your community?
  • How can you shift the drift?
4 Lessons

June 2021

How to Create Synergy

Synergy is about solutions being generated where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and where the solution is something completely new that would not have existed without the synergistic interaction between a group of people.  

In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I talk about how to create synergy in your home so you can have the opportunity for an unprecedented life experience.

Continued Discussion on How to Create Synergy

In this VIA, we continue to discuss the concept of synergy and  how to create it in your family, workplace and personal life. I also share some insight into how restraining and driving forces keep us stuck  in a pattern that does not work.


Synergy is about solutions being generated where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and where the solution is something completely new that would not have existed without the synergistic interaction between a group of people.  

In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I talk about how to create synergy in your home so you can have the opportunity for an unprecedented life experience.

How to Shift Your Parenting Programming

In this week’s VIA, I dive deep into how the programming in parenting develops as a result of modeling, experiences and cultural influence. As long as we remain unaware of our programing, we continue to be on autopilot and respond from an emotionally charged place which is ineffective as it tends to fuel the fire vs. snuff it out. I also provide concrete steps how to change your programming so you can be a more effective in your parenting.
11 Lessons

July 2021

Development of Independence

From the moment children are born, they have a natural tendency towards greater and greater independence. It is the role of parents to nurture the child’s independence yet often it is inadvertently hindered due to the parent’s own fears and anxieties or need for comfort and things to be “easy”. In this call, we discuss this natural human tendency towards independence and identify the ways parents resists the child’s bids for independence and how they can shift into nurturing it instead.

Manage Your Mind

In this call we dive deeper into the definition of the mind and why it is important to manage your mind (especially as a parent) so you are not so triggered and can shift out of old patterns.

The Purpose of Parenting and The Most Important Role of a Parent

In this lively discussion we explore what truly is the purpose of parenting. I also talk about the most important role of a parent which is being an influencer. Without ability to positively influence children, it is impossible to pass on your values and important life lessons. Being an influencer requires benevolent authority which is achieved by connection, trust, empathy understanding and letting go of your own agenda.

How to Create Exceptional Relationships

One of the pillars for the Transformational Parenting Framework is creating 10 out of 10 relationships with your child and people you love. In this call we explore how does a 10 out of 10 relationship look like, and how you can start creating that in your life.

How to operate from vision and committed action vs feeling states and circumstances

The reason why many people get stuck in a life they don’t want to live is because they operate from a place of whether they feel like doing something or not, OR they operate from circumstances such as feeling like one does not have enough time, money or energy. Learning to operating from vision and committed action will support you in creating the change you want to create in life

Recipe For a Courageous Life – August 6, 2021

In this recording I give you the recipe for a courageous life so that you can actually start taking the steps to create significant positive changes in your life and get unstuck from the patterns that do not work. Inside this video, you will discover the value of courage and what steps you can start taking to build up your courage muscles. It is time to “shake up to wake up!”

How to set up a family meeting

In this call we discuss the purpose and importance of having regular family meetings and how to set them up successfully.

How to Step Into Your Personal Power by Being Responsible

The only possibility to create change is by being responsible which means recognizing the fact that you are the sole author and creator of your life. Guilt, shame, blame, anger, complaining are all indicators that you have given your power away and operate from a victim perspective. In this call we discuss the important distinction of responsibility, and how you can begin to view your life and take action from this perspective.

Discover what keeps you stuck in blame, shame, guilt & anger

In this call we go even deeper into exploring the power of responsibility by discovering the payoff that keep us stuck in victimhood. When you become aware of what you’re getting out of being a victim, you have the power to change that and begin to express yourself in a more authentic and powerful ways.
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