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Pocket Parenting

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About this course

Pocket Parenting Program is an easy and effective way to uplevel your parenting when you feel like there’s no time and when finances are tight. 

The program intends to give you the necessary mindset, leadership and personal growth tools that 

  • Teaches you how to respond to your child in ways that support his or her development, and leaves you both feeling calm and connected 
  • Teaches you how to respond instead of reacting which will improve your connection with your child and makes you both feel good about your interaction
  • Gives you the opportunity to stop the cycle of anger, yelling and frustration, power struggles, and learn to understand, listen and collaborate with your child instead so s/he actually listens   
  • Supports you in becoming empowering, confident and inspiring leader to your children which as a results deepens your relationship with them resulting in a peaceful and happy household

The theory behind the program is based on what neuroscience tells us about learning; In order for the brain to learn something new, it needs a lot of repetition in short, bite-sized format. 

Many people make the mistake of “cramming” information which actually is not helpful at all as the brain can only handle a limited amount of information at once. It is much more effective to “chunk” what  you are learning, thus scaffolding the information little by little.

It is also important to know that the brain is “experience dependent,” which means that for it to learn, it needs experiences – that is where daily practice comes in! 

The Pocket Parenting Program is designed to give you valuable information and tools in a bite-sized format in order for your brain to have an optimal learning experience! 


How to get the best out of your learning experience: 

Each week the academy is updated with a new Pocket Parenting clip. You will have access to all the past episodes as well but I recommend you pace yourself and focus on changing only one or two things at a time. Think about going inch wide and mile deep versus mile wide and inch deep. 

Before moving on to the next principle or concept, I invite you to engage in focused and mindful practice. Absorbing the information in and of itself will not cause your transformation but committed action will!

Course Structure


The Power Of Listening

Learn the art of listening so that you can have a more connected relationship with your child and a more harmonious home environment.

From Being Reactive to Being Proactive

Discover strategies how to shift from being reactive to becoming a proactive parent.

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

How to let go of feelings of failure and perfectionism.

3 Characteristics of Successful People

In this episode of Pocket Parenting,  I share three characteristics of successful people that help you get unstuck from ineffective patterns.

The 3 R’s Method

The 3 R’s method is a powerful strategy by Bruce Perry on how to respond to your child’s episodes of dysregulation in an effective way.

The Power of Ways of Being

Science tells us that there is an invisible world and the visible world. The first creation begins with the invisible world. The more strength you have in your vision, ways of being and intention, the better chances that your invisible creation becomes visible. This Pocket Parenting episode talks about the power our ways of being to cause positive results, experiences and connections in our life.

100% is Possible 100% of the Time

This Pocket Parenting episode teaches you how to create a mindset of possibility and recognize opportunities despite your life circumstances.

The Emotional Bank Account

In this episode, I talk about the power of positive psychology as well as how to keep your child's emotional bank account rich with love and connection so that their cups are filled which helps them cooperate and listen resulting in a happy and harmonious home.

How to Empower and Inspire

In this episode of Pocket Parenting, I talk about how to empower and inspire your children which leads to decreased power struggles, nagging and arguments.

Listen to Understand

In this episode of Pocket Parenting, you will continue to build on creating an incredible deep emotional connection with your child by learning the importance of understanding. This really should be one of the corner stones of interaction with anyone, and especially with your child.

Principles of Learning

Discover the basic principles of learning that 1) decreases stress and conflict around school work, 2) helps you support your child’s academics and 3) decreases your worries about your child’s future.

Regain Your Personal Power

In this episode of Pocket Parenting, I talk about how past trauma causes our anger to be either suppressed or turn into aggression. Neither strategy works in life in, and it especially does not work with kids! In this episode I offer you a guided meditation that will help you gain your personal power so you can stand your ground.

Give Your Child Positive Scripts

In this episode of Pocket Parenting, I talk about the power of positive scripting, and give you practical tools on how you can fill your child with positive feelings, values and beliefs about themselves which will empower them to rise above negative scripting they receive from outside their homes.

How to Be the Parent You Want to Be

This episode is a bit longer just because I really wanted to dive deeper into what it means to be in committed action to make your vision as a parent a reality. I know you have been working on creating your family vision, however the vision is only a dream unless it is backed up by concrete actions. Yet so many times we find find ourselves doing exactly the OPPOSITE of what we want. The reason for this problem is twofold: 1) There are unconscious driving forces (limiting beliefs) that block your conscious mind from succeeding in what it desires 2) There is lack of committed action which is in alignment with your vision In this episode of Pocket Parenting I talk about the latter obstacle. I define what committed action is and why it is important as well as describe the common pitfalls that come in the way of BEing in committed action.

How to Become an Empowered Parent

In this episode I go over the Pilar of Responsibility that will help you regain your power as a parent, gives you freedom and choices as well as helps you transform anger, shame, guilt and resentment into being a peaceful and connected.

Use Time-In Instead Time-Out

This episode is quick, easy and practical. Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about time-outs which is why I decided to speak into that this week, as time-in instead of timeout may actually be a better solution for you and your child.

Be Compassionate

In this episode I talk about the reasons why kids act out, as well as how to have compassionate responses and why it is important.

Expert Advice for Your Screen Time Battles

In this episode I give you all the golden nuggets from my screen time Q&A with the renown screen time expert Dr. Larry Rosen whom I had a pleasure of interviewing today. I believe that empowering yourself with research based knowledge and these simple tools will make things easier to manage!

Be in the Flow

What we resist persists. In this Pocket Parenting episode I talk about how to be in the flow instead resisting. Resistance causes conflict and stress. In my experience many parents are parenting from a place of resistance, rigidity, unrealistic expectations and fear which result in a stressful parenting experience and disconnection from your child.

Tantrum Tips

In this episode I talk about the 3 phases of tantrums, and how to respond differently depending on what type of tantrum your child is having.

3 Key Factors for Parenting with an Open Heart

In this Pocket Parenting episode I talk about 3 foundational factors to parent, and frankly to live your life, with an open heart. 
Please listen and enjoy!

Do You Know What Your Results Are?

In this Pocket Parenting episode I talk about how important it is to acknowledge your results. 
Please listen and enjoy!

Preparing for Thanksgiving

In this Pocket Parenting episode I talk about how to prepare for Thanksgiving and the upcoming Holidays by grounding your family and children in family values. 
Please listen and enjoy!

Components of Effective Communication

In this Pocket Parenting episode I talk about the components of effective communication, and how you can set yourself for success in communicating with your child.  
Please listen and enjoy!

How to Deal with Resistance

In this Pocket Parenting episode I talk about how to effectively manage your mind around resistance so that you can turn your attention from the problem to growth and acceptance. 
Please listen and enjoy!

How to Forgive

In this Pocket Parenting episode I talk about the benefits of forgiveness and the prices we pay if we don't forgive. I also share about how to begin the process of forgiveness. 
Please listen and enjoy!

How to Connect With Your Child

This Pocket Parenting episode comes to you in a form of a video in which I talk about the importance of connecting with your child and how to do it despite the busy holidays.  
Please listen and enjoy!

How to Clarify on Your Vision

We will be focusing on powerful tools for you to create the most amazing year yet as a parent!
In this Pocket Parenting I give you a simple exercise that will help you clarify your vision.   
Please listen and enjoy!

There is No Good or Bad behavior

In this Pocket Parenting episode I offer you a powerful new perspective on your child's negative behaviors that will open you up for deeper connection through empathy and understanding.   
Please listen and enjoy!

Importance of Authority and Influence

In this Pocket Parenting episode I talk about why authority and influence are important in parenting as well as the 4 main parenting styles that research has shown to result in particular outcomes in children. 
Understanding the 4 parenting styles: authoritative (having positive authority), authoritarian, permissive or disengaged will support you in choosing effective responses as a parent farther than continuing a pattern that does not work. 
Please listen and enjoy!

The Aware Method for Anxiety Management

In this Pocket Parenting episode I share a powerful tool to manage your anxiety and help you recognize that you worrying about your child is you feeling anxious. 
When you realize this, you can actually do something about it versus try and fix the child or the situation (which we know does not work!) 
Please listen and enjoy!

Beyond Screen Time Highlights

In this Pocket Parenting episode I give you the most important tidbits from the Beyond Screen Time Event that was attended by world’s leading screen time experts. 

Listening to this summary is a great place to start making a change in screen time battles happening in your family.    

Please listen and enjoy!

The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs

I love how Stephen Covey in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People applies his principles to parenting. 

In this Pocket Parenting episode I borrowed an idea from his book where he talks about effectiveness being a balance between what is being produced (i.e. compliance and listening in the case of parenting) and the asset that is producing it (human connection and relationship). 

Covey used Aesop’s classic fable “The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs,” to illustrate this.  I believe it is a wonderful analogy to also use in parenting children.        
Please listen and enjoy!

How To Empower Children To Do Chores

In this Pocket Parenting episode I give you a different paradigm on how to be effective in empowering children to contribute to the household chores.         
Please listen and enjoy!

Effective Time Management

In this Pocket Parenting episode I talk about how to get a handle on your time management so you actually get to experience the things in life that matter and feel fulfilled instead overwhelmed.          
Please listen and enjoy!

How to Stop The Inner Battle

In this Pocket Parenting episode I talk about the power of our mind to create our life experience. By managing our minds, we can get out of state of suffering, and allow the mind to be in its natural state of being which is Calm, Clear, Spontaneous, Free, Creative, Compassionate, Flexible and adaptable. This Pocket Parenting will gives you powerful perspectives on how to stop the inner battle and manage your mind.  Please listen and enjoy!

What is the Cost of Doing Nothing

The intention of this Pocket Parenting episode is to support you in making effective changes in moving forward towards positive changes in your life, and take the necessary action to manifest your vision. 

Why is Your Problem a Problem

This episode will help you with an effective problem solving model by first identifying what the problem is, then evaluating why it is a problem after which you can come up with the solutions. Many people skip the step of figuring out why a problem is a problem, which is why their solutions are not effective. 

How to Talk to Kids About Community Violence

In this Pocket Parenting episode, I share 5 tips how to talk to kids about violence and help them process these stressful events. 

Don’t Take Your Kids So Seriously

I have been speaking with many parents about situations with their child that flare up into power struggles. Everybody ends up with upset feelings and experiencing disconnection.  

In this episode of  Pocket Parenting, I talk about the purpose and power of play, and how to get playful with your child instead taking them seriously.

Shame Resilience

In this Pocket Parenting episode, I talk about something that is typically not talked about which is shame. 

I share 3 different definitions of shame, as well as discuss how your own shame may impact your parenting and finally what you can do about it.  

Please listen so you can build your shame resilience.

How to Teach Children Listening Skills

In this Pocket Parenting episode, I offer background information for the education and refinement of the auditory sense as well as how to develop grace and courtesy in children. I also offer several listening games that will help develop the important skill of listening and silence.

How to Communicate Effectively

In this Pocket Parenting episode, I talk about the 4 communication styles, and why all of them, except assertive communication, are ineffective, and most likely are damaging your relationship with your child. 

I also give you a simple script to follow so you can start communicating assertively with your child right away!

Please enjoy!  

How to Fail Forward

In this Pocket Parenting episode, I offer you powerful information and tools about how to fail forward and actually try to fail more because the more you fail, the faster you will also grow!

Get Out Of Mediocrity!

In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I talk about the concept of drift, which is a term coined by Michael Strasner. He talks about it in depth in his book Mastering Leadership: Shift the Drift and Change the World.

The drift is a collective survival mode and a mindset of mediocrity that keeps us stuck in a life that we don’t want to live. To get out of the drift, we get to become aware of it first!

Please enjoy and shift the drift!

How to Become a Wise Parent

This pocket parenting episode gives you 3 simple steps to become a parent who makes wise choices which benefits everyone's wellbeing. Please watch and enjoy!

The Power of Gratitude

We all know that gratitude is something we should practice but do you really know why? 

In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I share about what opened up for me as a result of dropping into gratitude, and I also share some research findings that have scientifically demonstrated the benefits of gratitude.

How to Create Synergy

Synergy is about solutions being generated where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and where the solution is something completely new that would not have existed without the synergistic interaction between a group of people.  

In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I talk about how to create synergy in your home so you can have the opportunity for an unprecedented life experience.

What To Do When You Flip Your Lid

No matter how hard we try, we will flip our lids with the kids. It is just being human, yet we also have the responsibility to protect them from any emotional and psychological damage we may cause.    

In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I talk about how to prevent  flipping your lid as much as possible, and how to repair the connection with your child and yourself if you do. 

Give yourself lots of grace today 🙏

How to Help Regulate Your Child

One of the most common questions I get is what to do when a child is dysregulated.     

The best way to support your child’s regulation is to have a positive trusting, safe and connected relationship. 

In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I rely on Bruce Perry’s wonderful work and talk about the fundamental importance of regulation and attachment as well as how to relate to your child.  

How to Lead

In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I discuss the qualities of championship teams and share 10 essential characteristics of effective leaders so that you can become an empowering, confident and inspiring leader in your family! 

Don’t wish, hope or want – Just DO IT!

So many times we sit in our own inaction by wishing, hoping and wanting without doing anything about it. In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I give you some mindset hacks to get out of the scarcity and mediocrity and step into creating a powerful vision and ultimately a life worth living.

The Power of Patience

I have noticed that impatience is in the gap for many parents mastering leadership in their families resulting in their parenting efforts being ineffective. This week’s Pocket Parenting is about the power of patience.

Stop the Energy Leak!

If you are chronically exhausted and tired, the chances are that you have an energy leak! Lately, I have been “in the zone” as I have been getting an incredible amount of tasks done every day, yet I am not tired at all in the evening. I actually feel quite energized and still have stamina to work out or make a healthy meal (vs. frozen pizza). The reason for this is that I am focusing on my sphere of influence and things that move my vision forward. This week’s Pocket Parenting gives you a process of how to stop the energy leak, by getting super clear on what you focus on and whether you have control over it or not.

Learn How to Give to Yourself!

This week’s Pocket Parenting is all about how you can learn to give to yourself by letting go of your limiting BS 🙊, and discovering your own value!

Choose It or Lose It!

In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I talk about the power of intention and invite you to align yourself with positive intentions instead of operating from guilt, obligation, “need to” or “have to”.

It’s Written All Over Your Face!

In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I talk about the beautiful dance of creating connection and co-regulation through eye contact, and subtle signals we send via our bodies. This episode will help you understand the importance of this dance of attunement which supports your child’s ability to regulate, and the way they end up viewing themselves.

How to turn your commands in questions

One of the biggest mistakes that many parents make is giving their kids too many commands. This strategy backfires in the short term as it does not lead to desired results, and in the long term, it takes away kids' opportunity to learn to be internally motivated, solve their own problems and experience being in control. In this week's Pocket Parenting, I teach you how to turn your commands into questions so you can be more effective in your communication and actually create connection with your child vs. erode it.
3 Lessons

How to Stop Being Triggered Mini Course

This mini-course is designed for parents who are struggling with getting triggered over and over again. Many parents know that getting triggered and dysregulated themselves is making things worse and causes the opposite of desired results. 

This mini-course gives you powerful information about child development that will help you understand your child better AND offers you a step-by-step plan on how  to stop being triggered.

How to Stop Being Triggered Step #1: Awareness & Being Responsible

Step one of managing your triggers is raising your awareness of your thoughts, emotions and physiological states. Without this awareness, you will continue the vicious cycle of stimulus-response without having a choice to select an effective response to the situation.

How to Stop Being Triggered Step #2: Acceptance

Step 2 is Acceptance. This step is all about changing your expectations based on understanding of the normal developmental needs of children. 

How to Stop Being Triggered Step #3: Create Effective Solutions

In step 3, you will learn about generating new solutions, being proactive and learning how to respond vs. react.

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