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Pocket Parenting Program is an easy and effective way to uplevel your parenting when you feel like there’s no time and when finances are tight. 

The program intends to give you the necessary mindset, leadership and personal growth tools that 

  • Teaches you how to respond to your child in ways that support his or her development, and leaves you both feeling calm and connected 
  • Teaches you how to respond instead of reacting which will improve your connection with your child and makes you both feel good about your interaction
  • Gives you the opportunity to stop the cycle of anger, yelling and frustration, power struggles, and learn to understand, listen and collaborate with your child instead so s/he actually listens   
  • Supports you in becoming empowering, confident and inspiring leader to your children which as a results deepens your relationship with them resulting in a peaceful and happy household

The theory behind the program is based on what neuroscience tells us about learning; In order for the brain to learn something new, it needs a lot of repetition in short, bite-sized format. 

Many people make the mistake of “cramming” information which actually is not helpful at all as the brain can only handle a limited amount of information at once. It is much more effective to “chunk” what  you are learning, thus scaffolding the information little by little.

It is also important to know that the brain is “experience dependent,” which means that for it to learn, it needs experiences – that is where daily practice comes in! 

The Pocket Parenting Program is designed to give you valuable information and tools in a bite-sized format in order for your brain to have an optimal learning experience! 


How to get the best out of your learning experience: 

Each week the academy is updated with a new Pocket Parenting clip. You will have access to all the past episodes as well but I recommend you pace yourself and focus on changing only one or two things at a time. Think about going inch wide and mile deep versus mile wide and inch deep. 

Before moving on to the next principle or concept, I invite you to engage in focused and mindful practice. Absorbing the information in and of itself will not cause your transformation but committed action will!

Pocket Parenting (Your Free Resource)

Learn the art of listening so that you can have a more connected relationship with your child and a more harmonious home environment.

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In this week’s Pocket Parenting, I talk about the beautiful dance of creating connection and co-regulation through eye contact, and subtle signals we send via our bodies. This episode will help you understand the importance of this dance of attunement which supports your child’s ability to regulate, and the way they end up viewing themselves.

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About the teacher

Paula Kettula

Paula is a psychotherapist and a transformational parent coach on a mission to empower parents to be influential leaders in their family.

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