Jessica Leichtweisz

Jessica Leichtweisz

Hope Education Services was founded in 2015 by Jessica Leichtweisz when she discovered that many parents around the world do not have access to the information they require to help their children affected by Autism.
Jessica completed a masters degree in special education from Manhattanville college and did her post graduate studies in applied behavior analysis (ABA) at Kaplan University. Jessica has been working with children with
Autism since 2008. Jessica believes that when you learn about a problem you can do 1 of 3 things.

You can do nothing.
You can complain about it.
You can do something to change it.

Hope Education Services was born to be the solution for you and your family. Here at Hope Education Services we are committed to helping families all around the globe through virtual consultation and learn on demand courses.

We know that the Autism journey can feel scary and lonely at times. We have your back. We are on this journey with you.